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Supporting access to public online schools, the Iowa Chapter (Iowans for Public School Options) has thanked policymakers for providing alternative public school options alongside traditional brick-and mortar schools.  In Iowa, full-time public online schools have been allowed as a pilot program for the past two years.  Early test results show that students attending these schools do as well or better than students attending traditional brick and mortar schools.   This year, Iowans for Public School Options are working to make their voices heard to make sure these schools are here to stay.


Getting the Word Out

Remaining vocal on its support for alternative education options, Iowans for Public School Options has distributed a 2014 candidate survey and will post here the results as they are received.  

In recent years, Iowans for Public School Options has hosted family friendly events like outings at the Science Center of Iowa, trips to the State Capitol, and online school demonstrations for Iowa lawmakers and public officials.  Check back here often for up to date Iowa education news and opportunities to show your support for public school options!




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