Looking backward. Looking forward.

By: Tillie Elvrum

I love holiday and New Year celebrations so much because it’s a great time to reflect. In the Elvrum household, we reflect on our Hispanic and Norwegian upbringings by preparing traditional cuisine. We celebrate our family by listening to stories from my 92 year old Auntie. We host a New Year’s Day brunch by bringing friends and family together to celebrate our successes and learn from our struggles.

Feeling refreshed after this time to recharge, I am so excited for what’s to come in 2017 for PublicSchoolOptions.org. We have to build on our successes in 2016 by remaining engaged this upcoming legislative season.

There are SO many ways to get involved in the PSO chapter in your state.














1. Participate in our state capitol days. Check out the list below:
a. New Mexico – February 2, 2017
b. Virginia – February 9, 2017
c. North Carolina – February 22, 2017
d. Oregon – March 7 2017
e. Texas – March 8, 2017
f. Washington – March 10, 2017
g. South Carolina – March 29, 2017

2. National School Choice Week is coming up! From January 22-28, 2017, NSCW supports over 21,000 events across the country. Find on near you or attend a PSO sponsored event:
a. Florida – January 21, 2017
b. Maine – January 23, 2017
c. Alabama – January 27, 2017

3. Connect with your state chapter on social media! We’re a pretty active bunch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!