Texas Chapter of PublicSchoolOptions.org

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In Our State


Our school choice message in Texas is simple: Increase access to full-time virtual schools for all Texas families. We support legislation that prohibits arbitrary barriers to enrollment like:

  • Prior public school requirements
  • Limits on grade levels offered
  • Moratoriums on the creation of new public online schools


Getting the Word Out


Join us at the capitol on March 12!  Every other year, Texas parents have an opportunity to make their voices heard in support of virtual education by visiting the capitol and talking with their legislators.  This year, we’ll hold a rally on the capitol steps and hear from lawmakers who are championing our mission in the statehouse.

Attendees will receive a free tshirt and lunch, and buses are available from Dallas and Houston.  Register today at:  www.PublicSchoolOptions.org/Texas-Events !


Join Us!