March 16, 2023

Meet PSO's Executive Director Kristen Tyagi

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Since becoming Executive Director of PSO in 2020, Kristen Tyagi has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to amplify the stories of our parent and student advocates. From pitching Op-eds to organizing DC Fly-ins and everything in between, Kristen’s self-less spirit pervades everything she does, and all of us at PSO are grateful for her leadership and friendship.


Kristen’s colleagues share some words of appreciation below:


Kristen always amazes me. She easily juggles so much; not just for PSO, but in every aspect of life. She’s a great mother, and a rock for her loved ones. She does all this with such grace and poise.  The PSO organization is very fortunate to have such an amazing person leading the team. There aren’t enough ways to say thank you for all she does for the PSO family as well as the families and students across the country she represents. You are amazing Kristen!

Since the first time I met Kristen, I have been impressed; not just that she’s an executive leading this great organization, but as a person.  In my role, we end up spending a lot of time waiting for meetings and travel time together.  One always wonders initially if that will be a good match.  Gladly, I can say it definitely is, and I consider Kristen more than an ally in this cause, but a good friend that doesn’t come along often in one’s life. Thank you for all you do Kristen. 

– Letrisha Weber, PSO President 

Kristen is a super star who not only shines brightly but also lights up others and whatever she touches. She has the ability to make tough tasks seem easy, even effortless. With meticulous attention to detail, boundless creativity, and warm-hearted kindness, she is a joy to work with and a jewel of a friend. We are very blessed to have her at the helm of PSO. I think we should have a column called "Ask Kristen", since she has given me tons of useful information when I travel to different parts of the country. She always seems to know the best place to eat and stay! Robert's murder smoothie was fantastic!

Even with all the demands from her work, Kristen excels at being a mom - the most important job. Her dedication to her family is inspiring. 

– Wei Barr, PSO Treasurer 

Kristen is just extraordinary! She makes juggling moving parts look so easy, and she does it with poise, class, and humor. I marvel at her in-depth knowledge of the issues and her ability to communicate them effectively. PSO is lucky to have her, and we as a board are privileged to work with her. 

– Nicole Conragan, PSO Secretary 

Kristen is not only a very hard worker but very creative! She makes meetings fun and somehow keeps the board on task! We are very fortunate to have Kristen at PSO!

– Karen McGee, PSO Director 

My only "criticism" of Kristen is that she does not have an off switch! Whether it's facilitating board meetings at 8:00PM, training future parent advocates, or walking her daughter Nora to school in the morning, Kristen has expertly maintained a work-life balance that few have accomplished.  Kristen is the consummate professional and master of her craft, but above all she is an outstanding mom. 

– Tim Moran 

Kristen is a talented and capable leader who works tirelessly to promote parent advocates and protect parent choice in education. 

– Jordan McGrain

Kristen is a phenomenal Executive Director and leader who has all the traits needed to lead; hard working, dedicated, compassionate, smart, listens and has the ability to resolve conflicts all the while juggling her home life with a young daughter and family.  Kristen is a true role model for all young women in the working world today.  I am proud to call her a colleague and a friend.

– Scott Migli

Kristen is amazing.  We very much work as a team, and that starts with Kristen and her vision and leadership.  While managing the PSO board and staff, Kristen keeps a very even and positive energy that ultimately leads us all toward accomplishing our goals.  Working with Kristen is a pleasure, and achieving our agreed upon outcomes every year is one of the greatest rewards of working with her.

– Gary Bae

It's not often that you get to work with someone with such a wealth of experience like Kristen. I know I speak for all the parents, students, staff and board members of our coalition when I say we couldn't do what PSO does without her. Her collaborative leadership style is not only appreciated but I believe a key reason we've seen so many of our coalition's wins since she took on the role of executive director.

– Luke Martz

Kristen embodies quiet professionalism better than any boss I’ve ever had. She’s a natural leader and fosters a team environment that prioritizes her employees’ and the organization’s well-being, while still managing to get everything done somehow. That and she is an amazing momma to Nora. I know we all say this a lot but when you look up the word superhero in the dictionary it really does say Kristen Tyagi!

– Christine Dougherty

Kristen is a team player.  She drops what she’s doing to help out and make sure the team, and by extension, the parents and families, are successful. It is a real joy to stand next to her in our fight for parental freedom.

– Chase Eskelsen

Kristen has shown me endless kindness and guidance since joining the PSO team last year. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I am often in awe at her ability to share feedback and information at the drop of a hat. With Kristen, the lines of communication are always open and she’s gracious even when she’s being pulled in a thousand directions. She is a fantastic model to working moms today that you really can have it all and find the balance between work and family life. I am very grateful I have the opportunity to work with Kristen and learn from her.

– Jessica DiCicco

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